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How can we download the firmware for my Orbi router and the Orbi Satellite?

Download the firmware for your Orbi satellite and the router by executing the following steps;

  • Go to the download centre of NETGEAR and download the latest file of the firmware. Save the zipped file and unlock it at the time you require.
  • The computer that you have attached to your Orbi router, through the Ethernet cable, fire a web browser. At the search bar type and Enter http://orbilogin.com.
  • A basic home page will be shown to you, there it would ask to input your username and the password to take you to the login page.
  • Click the options in the following sequence.




Now you can get the firmware update page. Click to download and update the firmware for your Orbi satellite. It can take several hours. Wait patiently. You can update the firmware for your router and the satellite at the same time.

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Orbi Login Troubleshooting

How can we syc our Orbi wifi router and the Satellite?

Before beginning that the router and the satellite are receiving power by plugging both the device with the power supplying sources. Then press the sync button that is available at the back of the router for at least 5 to 10 seconds and then release. Suddenly the LEDs ring will be light up to solid white. Thus, indicates that you have successfully powered on the satellite and the router and after two minutes your Orbi router has been prepared to receive the signals from the satellite. In these two minutes press the sync button on your Orbi satellite also and for the LED to flush solid blue. 

If your satellite is showing amber light that means you need to bring the router closer to the satellite. If it is magenta for more than three minutes, that means there are so many obstacles between the router and the satellite. Try to remove the obstacles. Find some better location to place your Orbi satellite and the router and then repeat the process again. Now if your satellite is showing a solid blue LED that means your router and the satellite have been synchronised with each other successfully. If you want to add more satellite with your Orbi router, then follow all these entire processes again with each of the satellite ones by one or come to www.orbirouter.com

Orbi Router Image For reference

Cables connection Setup (Connecting Orbi Router to modem)

  • Remove the modem from the power outlet. Then remove the batteries of the modem completely. Plug the modem again to the power outlet and re-insert the batteries into the modem.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to hook your router with the modem by putting one of the ends into the yellow port of the Netgear Orbi router, and the other end should be inserted into the modem.
  • To connect your Ntgr Orbi router with the power source, use a power adapter and plug it into the power supplying locus. 
  • After connecting the router with the power source, the LED should have to blink solid white. If it is not then you need to press the button manually on the router. The LED will show solid white initially, then it will become pulse white.
  • At the central location of your house, you have to place the Orbi satellite first, then set up your router as closer to the modem as it can get the signals from the modems easily. 
  • Connect the satellite to the powerhouse and then wait to see the blinking LED. If not then you have to press the power on-off button manually.
  • The ring LED of your satellite should be lit up in the following sequence only.
  1. First solid white
  2. Secondly, pulse white
  3. Third pulse magenta
  • After that the satellite will show the solid magenta, then it will blink for one of the following colors for up to 10 to 15 seconds and then it will be turned off.https://orbilogincom.in/
  • Solid Blue is the symbol of the very good connection of both the router and the satellite.
  • Solid Magenta is the symbol of the wrong placement of the router from the satellite. Try to bring the router little closer to each other. 
  • Solid amber symbolises the fair connection between your router and the satellite. Move the Orbi router closer to the satellite. 

If you are still unable to bet the connection and the ring LED of your Orbi satellite still showing the pulsing magenta, that means you need to press the sync button of the Orbi router, manually. Before pressing the sync button, move the satellite and the router closer and closer. If you get the pulsing white light, then solid blue from your Orbi satellite. That means you have achieved a good connection between both the devices and then the LED will be turned off automatically. 

Now attach your end device like computer and the Mac with the Orbi router or with the satellite. For this purpose, always use an Ethernet cable. You can even associate the computer or the Mac with the wireless connection as well. For Wi-Fi connection, you must have your default user ID and the password. You can also download the Orbi application, meant specially for your mobile and the computer. To download the app visit http://orbilogin.com and set up your Orbi router and the modem very conveniently. 

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know about the status of the router and the satellite power button LEDs 

Let us know about the status of the LEDs for your Orbi routers and the satellitehttps://orbilogincom.in/

  • Solid Green light- Solid green represents the powered-on status of your router and the satellite.
  • Solid Amber light- The Orbi router and the satellite are rebooting together.
  • Pulsing Amber light- That means you might have reset your Orbi router and the satellite to its factory default settings.
  • Pulsing Red Light-It means you need to pay attention to your Orbi Wi-Fi system. 

About the behaviour of the satellite and the ring LEDs of the router

  • Pulsing white- Your Orbi satellite and the router are under the process of configuration or are updating the firmware. 
  • Off LEDs- If the LEDs are in the off condition that means your Orbi router and the satellite are working normally.

Ring LEDs of your Satellite

  • Solid white LED- it shows that you are switching on.
  • Pulsing Magenta LED- If the ring LED of the Orbi satellite is blinking to solid magenta for the first time, then it is the indication that your router is trying to communicate with your router. If the LED is blinking magenta for more than a minute or two that can be due to some of the specific reasons. First is that your satellite has been lost the connection with the router or it can be due to that your satellite is unable to get the IP address of the router. 
  • Solid Magenta LED- Solid magenta is the indication of the very poor connection of your router and the satellite. It could be a reason that your satellite is unable to get the IP address from the router. 
  • Solid Blue LED- If you observe solid blue LED for more than 2 to 4 minutes that means you have successfully established a strong and good connection of your router with the satellite.
  • Solid Amber- Solid amber LED is the implication of fair and excellent connection of your satellite with the router. 

To update the firmware for your Orbi satellite do the following actions in steps.

  • There will be a checkbox, just next to the model name of your satellite, select and tick the box.
  • As you will click the update button, the widow to update the firmware will be opened to you. 
  • If it is asked by your browser to enter the admin’s password, then you have to enter the same password that you have entered for the Orbi router (First), then click the update tab.
  • Click to browse tab and select the file ending with .img or .chk
  • As you will hit the upload button, the file will start uploading.

Update the firmware for your Orbi router by following these essential steps;

  • Come back to the URL and Enter http://orbilogin.com.
  • At the basic home page go back to the page where you see the option for a firmware update. Again, follow the sequence of steps
  4. Click MANUAL UPDATE Tab.
  • after tapping to the browse button as you did earlier, select the file ending with .img on your desktop display screen.
  • Click the upload tab and your file will begin to upload. 
  • Click yes to continue the update process. Now the firmware of your Orbi router along with Orbi satellite has been updated.